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Molds for the Medical Industry


Micro Tool has built hundreds of Class 101 Stainless Steel high volume medical molds. Micro Plastics molds medical parts for many different applications. Our products can be found in most hospitals throughout the United States.


Micro Tool and Micro Plastics are major suppliers to the Aerospace industry. We specialize in complex molds with collapsible cores, internal and external threads and slides. Our technology allows us to mold parts that were traditionally machined from stainless steel or aluminum. Micro Plastics then injection molds finished parts from high end engineering grades of material that are as strong as steel but much lighter in weight, making them very desirable for the aerospace industry.

satellite orbiting earth
spray bottle for consumer market


Micro produces high cavitation molds and spare tooling for molds used to produce consumer products like lids and spray valves for household cleaners and automotive lubricants. Micro also manufactures parts for sporting goods, child safety and many other items that can be seen everyday.


Micro produces many components for military, defense and police applications. From molds to produce parts for firearms, plastic munitions to highly complex connectors used on fighter jets and tanks.

military helicopter
electronic part being worked on


Micro’s highly skilled toolmakers have built hundreds of molds for the electronics industry. Micro specializes in complex core pins and inserts which are a necessity to mold intricate electronic components. Parts made at Micro have sharper corners and crisper detail than others produced by our overseas competitors. Micro plastics is set up to produce molded components using high heat polymers, such as LCP that can withstand the heat conditions generated in electronic applications.


Over the years Micro Tool and Micro Plastics have produced many molds and parts for the automotive industry, including many connectors used in wiring harnesses on passenger cars and trucks, parts used in autonomous vehicles and components used on heavy truck and mining equipment.

automotive parts being worked on

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